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X-23 was a planned spin off sequel to 2017's Logan and would have been an instalment in the X-Men film series. James Mangold would have returned as writer and director. Dafne Keen would have reprised her role as Laura and X-23 as a teenager.


A few years following her father Logan's death Laura and the other mutant children continue their journey across the Canadian border.


In February 2017, James Mangold has stated that he would like to see X-23 appear in future X-Men films, and that he would like to be involved in one way or another, should that happen. Kinberg has also stated that the studio's plans for future movies do, in fact, include X-23.[1] In October 2017, Mangold confirmed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that a script for an X-23 spinoff movie was in the works, stating: "We're just working on a script." He had also cited the success of DC Films' Wonder Womanan as 20th Century Fox's inspiration. It was also announced that X-23 creator Craig Kyle would have been involved in the solo spinoff alongside Mangold.[2]

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  • Dark Phoenix flopped at the box office thus killing the X-Men franchise.
  • The New Mutants was the last film of the X-Men franchise.


  • The film was cancelled.
  • Following Disney's acquisition of Fox all future planned X-Men films were cancelled.
  • The film rights returned to Marvel Studios.