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Wonder woman 3

Wonder Woman 3 was a planned superhero film that was set to be a third installment in the Wonder Woman series. Patty Jenkins would have returned to direct the film and Gal Gadot would reprise her role as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.


Unknown, but set after the events of Wonder Woman 1984. it’s also been mentioned it would’ve been said in the modern day

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. A new era for DC movies was being developed by James Gunn and Peter Safran. This did not involve with green-lighting the third Wonder Woman film.
  2. Many films and other projects were cancelled after the merge between Warner Bros and Discovery.
  3. Wonder Woman 1984 became a box office bomb due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Although it did receive mixed to positive views from fans and critics alike.
  4. The threequel would not fit in for the new era Called the DC Universe.


  1. The film would most likely never see the light of day, thus making the Wonder Woman film franchise a duology.
  2. The DC Extended Universe will soon come to end with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and the DCEU would become the DC Universe.
  3. A prequel TV Series focusing on the Amazons is in the works and will be apart of the DC Universe.


  • Unlike the first two films, the threequel would have been set during the modern era, or at least that's what Gal Gadot suggested.
  • Despite the threequel being cancelled, Gadot refused to give up her role as Wonder Woman.
  • Jenkins also had an idea of creating a spin-off that revolved around the Amazons of Themyscira.
    • This concept would soon be developed into the TV series regarding the Amazons Called Paradise Lost a prequel series before She was born.