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Wish is a 2023 American hybrid animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is the first film of that sort of animated medium and is the 62nd film made by Walt Disney Animated Studios.

Original Draft[]

Before the final cut, the film went through numerous changes.

  1. Star was initially depicted as a cosmic human boy who could shapeshift into different animals. He also resembles a younger version of Asha's grandfather, Sabino.
  2. Queen Amaya was going to be a villain like King Magnifico. This would have made it the first animated Disney film to have a couple of evildoers. Not only that, but Amaya would have also been the third evil queen in a Disney animated feature after Queen Grimhilde (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) and the Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland).
  3. The film was supposed to be thoroughly done with traditional 2D animation.
  4. Aside from giving Asha a wand, Star also bestows the former a fairy godmother dress.
  5. One of the songs, “At All Costs” was initially written as a love song between Star and Asha.
  6. Sabino was mentioned to be dead in the original draft.


  1. Star was soon redesigned as a living star with expressions similar to Mickey Mouse. The star also resembles the Lumas from the Super Mario franchise.
  2. Queen Amaya would not be a villain, unlike her husband.
  3. The animation would be a combination of watercolor and computer animation.
  4. Asha is only given a wand at the film's end.
  5. “At All Costs” was rewritten as a hero-villain duet between Asha and Magnifico.
  6. Sabino would be alive and instead have Asha’s father as the dead relative.


  1. The film received mixed reviews from critics and Disney fans but had more of a positive reception from audiences.
  2. The film originally performed poorly at the box office, but it started to have strong legs.
  3. Wish was praised for the voice acting and singing performances, but criticized for its plot, soundtrack (especially the lyrics), animation (although it was still praised by many), overreliance on nostalgia and fan service.


  • Amaya is the first character to be designed from evil to good queen since Elsa from Frozen.