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A film called Who Discovered Roger Rabbit was being written in 1994 by Sherri Stoner and Deanna Oliver. Walt Disney Pictures was planning to create the toons in computer animation.


Roger Rabbit, a Toon rabbit living with a human family, the Randalls, learns that they are not his real family; his mother had left him on their doorstep as a baby. So he decides to head out into the world to find his birth mother. Along the way, he runs into another human, Richie Davenport, who is heading out to Hollywood to make it big as an actor, since he has a fear of heights that keeps him from joining the Air Force like his father before him. Once in Hollywood, Richie and Roger meet two women, a human named Wendy Rowan and a Toon named Jessica Krupnick, who work as radio performers.

They go on their separate quests, Roger to find his mother and Richie to become an actor, but neither find any luck. When Richie finally does land a part in a movie, Roger, in searching for his mother, accidentally stumbles onto the movie set and disrupts shooting. The director and a studio executive think Roger has what it takes to be a star, but Richie is upset at Roger for ruining his big break. At that moment, however, they learn that Pearl Harbor had been bombed, triggering America's entry into World War II. To make matters worse, Jessica and Wendy learn that their boss at the radio station, Otto Green, is in fact in league with the Nazis, who kidnaps them and takes them to Germany, where he enslaves Jessica as a Tokyo Rose-type propagandist, using Wendy as a bargaining chip.

Eighteen months later, the Allies having gotten a foothold on the European continent, the U.S. government decides to use the indestructibility of Toons (they cannot be harmed by enemy attacks) to their advantage in the war. Unfortunately, however, when the Toons actually do arrive on the battlefield, they are more inclined to entertain as actually attack, and so they are reassigned to a supply base. Meanwhile, Richie had enlisted in the Army in Europe, but his fear of heights threatens his platoon, so he is removed to, much his dismay, the same supply base as the Toons. To add insult to his injury, he is to share his barracks with Roger, whom he had been trying for the last eighteen months to avoid.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The budget rose to over $100 million, believing a prequel to a film made twelve years before would not be successful.



1998 Roger Rabbit 2 CGI Test -Eric Goldberg-


  • In December 2007, Frank Marshall told MTV that he was willing to revive development of the film.