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The script for the Warner Bros. Digital Compass adaptation, written in 2021.

Numerous attempts have been made to make a film based on the Common Sense's Digital Compass project, Welcome to Anywhere, but it all failed to come into fruition.


Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies

In the late 2010s, an attempt was made by Nickelodeon Movies. Jim Steyer said in a 2017 interview that Nickelodeon had insisted on having the Digital Compass characters to be voiced by teenage actors and stated that the film's soundtrack should have rap songs that had tones similar to ones by Snoop Dogg.


Warner Bros and Warner Animation Group

In March 2020, Warner Bros. Pictures bought the film rights in 2020, which was confirmed on March 13, to adapt the Digital Compass game into a film series. Further information was given in July 2022, citing that "two scripts have already been written and rejected while a third movie is currently in the works and will most likely get three separate computer-animated 3-D films." In January 2022, Cary Kaiming Huang, the creator of the TV series Battle for Dream Island, was hired to write the adaptation, and Eric Mattison was hired to direct the feature, which was to be produced by Marquez Pictures and DisneyNature. In February 2022, Ben Levin was hired to direct the animated film for Warner Animation Group. Levin, along with Danny Williams, was set to write the film, as the first in a planned trilogy.


Why They Were Cancelled

Jim Steyer did not like what Nickelodeon was doing with the movie. He felt that the teenage actors for the Digital Compass characters were miscast and adding in rap songs would not fit the tone nor narrative of Digital Compass.

There were problems regarding the voices for the Digital Compass characters.

The director was not impressed on how exactly Warner Bros. designed the characters.



The film adaptations were forever cancelled.

In October 2023, the Digital Compass adaptation from Warner Bros. was picked up by Netflix and reworked into an animated series. However in November 2023, production on the series was also cancelled due to a restructuring of Netflix Animation. As of February 2024, Jim Steyer is attempting to approach other animation studios to continue working on the series.

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Concept art of Jay showing a message to Breaker.

Digital Compass remains as a Common Sense game with no movie or TV show at all.



The Digital Compass characters.

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The two known pieces of concept art for the Paramount and Nickelodeon film in person.

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Concept art of Periwinkle riding a skateboard.

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