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Untitled X-Men/Fantastic Four (2010s) crossover film was a planned film for the X-Men and Fantastic Four reboot universe.


Movie would have been Fox version of Captain America: Civil War which would have had X Men battle Fantastic Four, it would have opened with Human Torch played by Michael B. Jordan chasing Molecule Man who would have created a massive explosion in New York, this would lead to Superhuman Registration Act pitting X Men against Fantastic Four, teams would eventually make peace at the end of the film and post credit scene was gonna hint at Skrull invasion

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Fantastic Four (2015) bombed at the box office and received negative reviews.
  2. Skrull rights went back to Marvel Studios


  1. The film was permanently cancelled.
  2. The X-Men and Fantastic Four rights reverted back to Marvel Studios.
  3. Disney bought 21st Century Fox in late 2017.

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