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According to the Variety article for The Peppercorn Chronicles in May 2013, there were plans to start a trilogy with two sequels to the film. However, due to the first film being cancelled, the projects did not come to fruition.


The plot is currently unknown.


  • Jodelle Ferland
  • Noah Ringer
  • Michael Eklund

Rest of the cast is unknown.

Why They Were Cancelled[]

  1. Most of the cancellation reasons are unknown, except that Noah Ringer quit acting after appearing in The Last Airbender and Cowboys & Aliens, both of which were not well received by critics and performed poorly at the box office.


  • The sequels, along with The Peppercorn Chronicles, were permanently cancelled and faded into obscurity.
  • Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room, the short film that The Peppercorn Chronicles was to be loosely based on, remains as a stand-alone short film.

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