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Tmnt 2007

There were plans for sequels to the 2007 CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.


One of the sequels had Michelangelo feeling not taken seriously by his brothers, and joins the Foot, while the others ventured to Japan to battle Karai resulting in the return of the Shredder. Another involved Donatello causing the return of the Triceratons and the Technodrome.[1]

Why The Sequels Were Cancelled[]

  1. The only known reason for cancellation is because Imagi Animation Studios closed down in February 2010 following the box office failure of Astro Boy (2009).
  2. Viacom (now Paramount) acquired the Ninja Turtles franchise in 2009.


  • The films were permanently cancelled, and the first film is standalone.
  • Both The Weinstein Company and its division Dimension Films has since been shut down in 2018, following the Harvey Weinstein scandal and has since both reformed into Lantern Entertainment and Spyglass Media Group in July 2018 (the same year as the shutdown of The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films).


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