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After the release of Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure , there were plans to make a prequel. It was supposed to have a mix of 2-D and traditional animation.


The plot for the prequel is currently unknown.


  • Lambert Wilson as Lucky Luke
  • Clovis Cornillac as Joe Dalton
  • Alexis Tomassian as William Dalton
  • Christophe Lemoine as Jack Dalton
  • Bernard Alane as Averell Dalton
  • François Morel as Rantanplan
  • Stéphane Ronchewski as Melvin Peabody

Rest of the cast is unknown.

Why it Was Cancelled[]

  1. Although the first film was a box office hit, Xilam was disappointed with the returns in the last week.
  2. The Daltons on Ending July 15, 2015, Not Even series Third Came Out and Rintindumb ended on 2007 Until the film was made it.


  • The prequel film was permanently cancelled
  • Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure is a stand-alone film.