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Note: This film is not to be confused with a similar scrapped film of the same subject.

On November 2021, it was openly revealed that a full-length animated musical and comedy film, but British in that matter, centered on the very-popular and widely-loved band Gorillaz, was in deep production status at Netflix Animation's helm. It would of been produced by the original Gorillaz band creator, Jamie Hewlett.[1][2]


The plot is currently unknown, however it is highly suspected it would center around the band itself, Gorillaz. A brief description however was given on the film, describing it as a "In-depth kinda epic story with the Gorillaz characters and music” and “A slightly obtuse story that only sometimes makes any sense.”

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. According to news website Digital Band's co-founder Damon Albarn through other news website Pitchfork, he told Dutch-language Belgian magazine Humo (via Stereogum and Deepl) that the main cancellation reason for the film alone was the unsightly result of "struggling cutbacks and staff shuffling" at Netflix.
  2. Netflix, throughout the film's production when making the film as a wholehearted company, have since unexpectedly withdrawn. They started to panic because they were making too much content and decided to push off their movie offerings.
  3. Jamie Hewlett moved on to another company when the film was being made at Netflix for the actual time.
  4. The script was deemed uninteresting to many Netflix employees.


  • The Netflix film centering around Gorillaz was permanently cancelled.
  • Prior to the film's cancellation, the sudden "revelation cancellation" of the Netflix Gorillaz film came ahead of the release of Gorillaz's new album at the time, Cracker Island, which was released on February 24, 2023.


  • This is not the first time a film related to Gorillaz was pulled the plug on; a separate Gorillaz film called Celebrity Harvest was planned to be released in the 2000s, but was unfortunately canned due to a weak plot being set, and therefore was unsatisfying and uneasy to be shown in public at all, according to Hewlett.
  • Albarn said he and Hewlett have been concocting a Netflix movie related and thoroughly connected to Gorillaz of some sort since 2002, and recently spent time in Los Angeles working on it in earnest.


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