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NOTE: this is an unofficial-fanon page.

The unofficial cancelled CGI-claymation German-American Dreamworks film based on German TV series of the same name. it is directed by Shrek director Andrew Adamson when PDI gave a green light in which is supposed to be released in May 27, 2005.

While Mouse, Elephant and Duck, and all others were CGI, It represents the new claymation characters like Victor Quartermaine, Were-Rabbit, Hutch the Rabbit, PC Mackintosh, Reverend Clement Hedges, and more new characters that Nick Park and Peter Lord joined the team of the WDR and Aardman’s new collaboration film which is started in December 2, 2001 and it was kept in the 2005 film for Wallace & Gromit film.

In 2001, this film was announced after the film Shrek went on box office, since the project is made late 2001-2003 before it was cancelled.


The film is about an orange mouse (Billy West) getting kicked out by the original owner, along with the blue elephant (Will Smith) and the yellow duck (Renée Zellweger) in which they’re in Erfurt, Germany. The new adventures of Mouse and his friends teamed up for the adventure which German television shows gave out scenes and actions as the Duck disappears, Mouse and Elephant must find their way out to find the missing Duck.

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. The cancellation reasons are unknown.
  2. in 2005, the German film was shelved by WDR and ARD.
  3. Peter Lord and Nick Park were called out that they keep the new claymation characters while WDR and ARD got kicked off the team.
  4. PDI was shut down in January 22, 2015 after they pushed back to different eras in 2000s.
  5. Billy West does not want to do his role of Die Maus character.
  6. The directors Andrew Adamson and Rob Letterman refused to finish the film after the project and trailer was finished.
  7. After the failure of the project, WDR and ARD got separated from Dreamworks and PDI, so Dreamworks decided to do Wallace and Gromit movie instead.
  8. The film Madagascar was released in May 27, 2005 during the same day that the project of the German film was cancelled.


  1. The film was permanently cancelled and went abandoned by Dreamworks.
  2. The film was replaced by Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  3. After that, WDR and ARD did more MausSpots instead.