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Nippon Animation tried filming a CGI adaptation of Corrector Yui which was going to be released in theaters sometime in an unknown year. However, the film didn't come to fruition.

Corrector Yui



Why It's Cancelled[]

  1. Nippon Animation agreed that the idea for an CGI animated Corrector Yui movie wouldn't work.
  2. The cancellation reasons are unknown.
  3. The first television received mixed reviews despite, Corrector Yui's positive recepttion
  4. We Are All Friends at Corrector Yui in ended in October 17, 2000.


  • Corrector Yui remained as an anime series, with no movies at all.
  • There are announcements currently for a new reboot with Nippon Television with at the helm, but its future is currently unknown and no one knows who will star in the anime or the release year.