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There were plans for sequels to the Bionicle: The Legend Reborn.[1]


Bionicle 5: In December 2009, Greg Farshtey's story treatment for the fifth BIONICLE film was released on the fan site BZPower. The following is a summary of said treatment.

Following The Legend Reborn, Mata Nui seeks to find a power source for the Agori's new Mega Village, the reassembled remains of a giant robot. With Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, and Berix in tow, he travels to the far north of Bara Magna. After Berix is injured in a sandstorm, Mata Nui has Gresh return him to the Mega Village while he continues the journey with Ackar and Kiina. He does, however, hold onto the coin Berix found at the end of The Legend Reborn, believing it to be an important clue.

At an abandoned Skrall outpost, the trio upgrade their armor and weapons from a cache before discovering a defected Skrall warrior. The Skrall explains that after the Battle of Roxtus in the previous film, the Skrall were forced from their lands and scattered southbound by a powerful force coming from a massive volcano. Believing this is the power he needs, Mata Nui leads the group there, reluctantly allowing the Skrall to join them.

The party arrives at an ice forest, with "trees" made up of legs and feet from abandoned projects by the Great Beings. Here, they are attacked by Baterra, creatures with cloaking and shapeshifting powers who attempt to trap them in the forest. The party escapes and arrives a large, mountainous valley with the aforementioned volcano in the center. After passing through the valley's entrance, they discover Oris, a Jungle Glatorian who has been trapped there for 20,000 years. The interior of the valley is covered in various elemental life, almost like nature has gone to war with itself. Unseen by all, the Skrall begins collecting samples of every element he can find (fire, water, jungle, sand, rock, earth, and ice).

The next morning, the group discovers Tera and Likus, two con artist Glatorian from the Earth and Ice tribes, respectively; they have trapped in the maze a short time. They briefly fight Mata Nui's group because they see the Skrall as an opportunity to boost their reputations and get bigger paychecks, unaware that the Glatorian fighting system has been abolished. Mata Nui's coin is knocked away from him and upon retrieving it, he sees the symbol on it moves whenever the coin rotates, like a compass. The coin's entire pattern then changes. Mata Nui convinces Tera and Likus to join his party.

The group then crosses a flooded area. As the waters suddenly turn violent, Mata Nui and Kiina are accosted by the Element Lord of Water, one of six who dwells within the maze. More than 100,000 years ago, the Element Lords fought each other for a great power source in the volcano before being trapped in the valley. The Lord of Water offers Mata Nui and Kiina sanctuary in his domain in exchange for servitude, not caring about Ackar or the others. Mata Nui refuses, but Kiina hesitates, the Lord's offer appealing to her desire for a new home away from Bara Magna.

Kiina is compelled to attack the Lord of Water when he tries to let Mata Nui drown. Here, it is revealed that Kiina previously served the Lord of Water during the conflict that led to the Shattering and the formation of Bara Magna. Kiina grabs Mata Nui and returns to the others on the surface as the water begins to freeze from the bottom up. They are now trapped between the frozen water and a seemingly impenetrable stone barrier. The coin's symbols change again, and Mata Nui deduces that the valley is a giant maze that constantly changes its form, leaving it impossible for anyone inside to find their way out. This also explains signs of various elemental power fused with each other across the landscape - the Element Lords have never stopped fighting each other, even after they entered the maze.

An argument occurs between Ackar and Mata Nui over whether the latter should return to the Matoran Universe or if he should remain on Bara Magna to help the new friends he's made. In a moment of stress, Mata Nui unknowingly sends out a wave of gravity that destroys the barrier. Now afraid of Mata Nui over this display of power, the group rushes through the barrier and is met with a river of jagged boulders. The Skrall falls into the river trying to collect a sample, but Tera and Likus rescue him. Kiina confronts Ackar about his frustration towards Mata Nui, prompting Ackar to acknowledge that Mata Nui wants what's best for all of his friends and apologizes. Mata Nui also apologizes for his outburst, noting that the further north they go, the more he loses control of his powers, powers he once held as the Great Spirit that are now returning to him. The group reunites to cross the rock river, with Mata Nui controlling his gravity powers enough to stop them from all falling in.

At a lava plain close to the volcano, the group finds a large brazier of light. The Skrall reveals that he was sent by Tuma to form an alliance with the Element Lords in exchange for helping the Skrall seize control of Bara Magna. He throws all the element samples he's collected into the brazier, summoning all of the Element Lords to their location. A battle royale between the Element Lords ensues with Mata Nui's group caught in the middle. The Skrall has a change of heart and saves Tera and Likus from being killed by the Lords. The band fight their way to the volcano, which Mata Nui discovers is fake. The volcano is actually a large power plant housing the energy Mata Nui needs to power the Mega Village Robot.

Mata Nui and Ackar realize that if they make the volcano erupt, it will send the power within to the Mega Village and out of the Element Lords' hands. Mata Nui clears a path to the volcano entrance, adorned with six spheres surrounding a seventh. Kiina and Oris try several combinations until Mata Nui suggests they press all of the six outer spheres simultaneously as presses the seventh, connecting them all and opening the doorway. The Skrall, Oris, Tera, and Likus stay behind to hold off the Element Lords, while Mata Nui, Ackar, and Kiina race through a complex tunnel system until they find a large vehicle with a blaster on the front that can carve through rock. Using the vehicle, the trio drive to the core and blast it, triggering an explosion that sends waves of force that causes the maze walls to collapse. Oris, Tera, Likus, and the Skrall find a place of safety while the Element Lords are all killed.

The power from the volcano erupts out and travels to the Mega Village, completely reassembling it and powering it up. The blast from the eruption sends the drilling vehicle hurtling through space before it crash lands on the jungle moon of Bota Magna. The film ends with Mata Nui, Kiina, and Ackar disembarking as they discover the moon is inhabited by biomechanical dinosaurs.

Bionicle 6: A sixth film was planned, but never made it far into development before BIONICLE was cancelled. Presumably picking up where the fifth film would've left off, the sixth film would've covered plot points that were planned for the story all the way into 2011, including Mata Nui's final showdown with Makuta, the return of the Great Beings, and the reformation of Spherus Magna.


Presumably, the following cast members from The Legend Reborn would have returned:

  • Michael Dorn as Mata Nui
  • Jim Cummings as Ackar
  • Marla Sokoloff as Kiina
  • James Arnold Taylor as Berix
  • Mark Famiglietti as Gresh
  • Armin Shimerman as Raanu
  • Mark Baldo as Villagers
  • Dee Bradley Baker as the Skrall, additional voices

Why Was Cancelled[]

  1. The sales in the toy line was in decline since 2007 and the story and characters of 2009 were not as well-received as previous years. The lukewarm reception of The Legend Reborn contributed to the drop in interest in the brand.


  • Bionicle was cancelled, concluding with the Bionicle Stars line in winter 2010.
  • LEGO created Hero Factory in mid-2010 and Ninjago in 2011. Both were spiritual successors to BIONICLE in terms of set builds (the former) and storytelling (both, but largely the latter).
  • Bionicle was rebooted for a further two years in 2015, with a more simplistic spin on the original story. This reboot didn't last long due to a combination of lackluster summer set waves, the overly-simplistic plot, and lack of any real marketing.
  • Bionicle developed a cult following, with many clamoring for a proper return and conclusion to the original story.