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In an interview with 9 director Shane Acker: "I think there is definitely room. I mean, the way we end the film, there is a slight suggestion that it may be a new beginning. And I think we could continue the journey from where we left off and see how these creatures are existing in a world in which the natural environment is coming back and perhaps even threatening them in some way. Do they make the decision to not affect it, or do they try to affect it in some way? And do they still try to hold on to that humanity within them or do they recognize themselves at being machines too and go off on a different trajectory? So there's lots of idea that I think that we could play with and make another story out of."

The possibilities for a 9 sequel were made in the film's DVD commentary. Director Acker has also mentioned the possibility of a sequel being made because of the lack of darker animated films, claiming that everything is G- and PG-rated with little to no dark elements.

In 2009 he said that he will continue to make darker animated films, either doing so with a sequel to 9 or original ideas for future films.

Acker and Burton stated that we’re open for a sequel, depending on how well the film was received.

Since the film's home release, there have been no further mentions of a sequel, with Acker focusing on projects announced in 2011 (The Adventures of Thomas), 2012 (Deep), and 2013 (Beasts of Burden), all 3 of which have not been released as of November 2017.

However, despite the silence from Acker, in January 2017, the Facebook profile of the character "the Scientist" was updated with a rather cryptic message. The profile had been inactive since 2009, leading some to speculate the teasing of a sequel.


Set after the events of the first film, but the rest Is unknown.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The original film's distributor, Focus Features, currently have the rights to 9, and won't let director Shane Acker produce a sequel.


  • Some fans of the original movie came together to make an unofficial project involving a professionally developed/researched theory, and an idea about the possibility for a legitimate sequel. The project can be found here.
  • 9 Is A Stand-Alone Film