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Triplets was announced in 2012 as a sequel to the 1988 comedy film Twins, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito and directed by Ivan Reitman. Schwarzenegger and DeVito were to reprise their roles as Julius and Vincent Benedict, and Reitman returning to the directors chair. A third brother long-lost brother of Julius and Vincent was planned to be introduced, with Eddie Murphy originally intended for the role, which was later changed to Tracy Morgan.


Decades following the original film, twins Julius and Vincent Benedict discover they have a long-lost triplet brother.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The film had a troubled production for a decade. Although announced in 2012, it wasn't until 2021 when it was planned to start shooting. By this point Eddie Murphy was no longer involved in the project, with instead Tracy Morgan looking to replace him.
  2. Ivan Reitman passed away in February 2022, preventing him from returning to directing duties.
  3. Ivan's son Jason put the idea to an end following his father's death.


  • The project was permanently cancelled after 11 years of development hell.