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Transformers Prime is a cancelled film in the Transformers franchise. Jeff Kline stated that Transformers Prime was meant to get a theatrical movie planned to be released at the theaters. The storyline is unknown but it is believed to be about the original storyline after Season 2.


The plot is currently unknown, but it's possibly supposed to have an apocalyptic story either that or it's possible that Unicron was trying to resurrect himself and needed a vessel in order to be able to search for something. The Matrix of chaos or the Dark Spark were two possibilities meant as plot devices and what Unicron is looking for. It could also be that Megatron himself was going to use any of those two for his own agenda,a plot twist revealing that he was alive would have been perfect, especially if any of the two relics would have upgrade him into Galvatron.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The cancellation reasons are unknown. It was possibly was cancelled when there were a change of plans or it was cancelled because of trouble with Aligned behind the scenes so the filmmakers decided to change all the plans and finally end Tranformers Prime with Predacons rising. Possibly meant to be released in 2014-2015 but never happened.


  • It is currently unknown at the time if the film has been permanently cancelled or has been shelved.


  • The movie's working title was meant to be Chaos Rising.