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Operation Skyfire Poster

Operation Skyfire Poster

Transformers: Operation Skyfire was a spin-off film in the Transformers movie franchise. It was one of the many ideas conceived by Akiva Goldsman and his writers. Matt Holloway himself revealed some things about this movie and stated ''In our movie Operation Skyfire, we're going to try to answer one of the greatest mysteries of World War II.''


Sometime during World War II, sightings of a ghost plane have been claimed by witnesses, but the rumor turns out the sighting was possibly a Cybertronian and it would be revealed to be named Skyfire.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. As of right now, the cancellation reasons are currently unknown.


  • The film was permanently cancelled.


  • The "Skyfire" name is an homage to Jetfire's name in the 1980s cartoon series. This was because Jetfire's original toy was from the Macross toyline, and had been licensed by Hasbro from Bandai. Takara (the Japanese distributor of the Transformers franchise) didn't want to give one of the chief competitors free publicity. As a result, Jetfire's toy was never released in any capacity in Japan, and the character was redesigned in the cartoon with a different look and named Skyfire. Other toys from Takara's competitors that never saw a Japanese release included the Deluxe Vehicles (Roadbuster and Whirl), Deluxe Insecticons (Chop Shop, Barrage, Venom, and Ransack), Omega Supreme, and Sky Lynx (the latter two were made by Tomy, which merged with Takara in 2005, thus allowing Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx's original toys to be released in Japan in 2008); all except Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx were absent from the cartoon, as a result.


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