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This was going to be the original Toy Story 2 before Disney executives reviewed it.


The plot was similar to that of the original film, but with notable differences.

  1. The Runtime was 60 Minutes
  2. It was going to be released in the fall of 1998
  3. Jessie was not supposed to be in the movie
  4. Woody had a popped stitch on his leg and not his arm
  5. Bullsye was suppose to talk in this version
  6. Andy appeared at the end of the movie and not the beginning
  7. Jessie was originally going to be Senorita Cactus
  8. Senorita Cactus was supposed to be a villain along with The Prospector

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. In November of 1997, during a showing of the story reels to Disney executives, they were so pleased with the results they requested Pixar to expand the story and make it into a 90 minute theatrical release.


  • The original version was canceled.
  • The final version of Toy Story 2 was released in theaters in 1999.
  • The original script can be found on the Raindance website.


  • Bullseye could speak in this version, even Martin Short had been planned to express it, in the final version however, Bullseye does not speak.
  • Jessie did not exist in the original version, instead, there was a character called "Miss (Seniortia) Cactus" who was an antagonist with the prospector.
  • New Buzz and Zurg had a smaller role.
  • Stinky Pete's design was different.
  • The budget for this film would have been smaller compared to the final product.
  • In the ending, only Bullseye was considered as a new toy.
  • It was unknown if Al had his iconic chicken suit.
  • Al cleaned Woody instead of hiring someone to fix it.
  • Woody had a popped stitch on his leg rather than his arm being broken.
  • Zurg and New Buzz had very smaller roles.
  • The climax was very different from the released version.
  • Andy only physically appeared at the ending of the movie rather than the beginning and ending.



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