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On May 26, 2021 it was announced that Toopy And Binoo: The Movie was going to released in 2022 but however it didn’t it was unknown why!. The early new characters design were shown but never made as the final design. There wasn’t any information about the film since 2022. However back in Late 2022 According to Wikipedia it said that it was going to be released on December 16th 2022 but it appears that it might been fake in the existence!. Echo Media And Sphere Flims would distributed the film!

Along with Corus And Shaw Rocket Fund!


The poster for the final version


After an escalation of blunders, Toopy and Dorothy, a comical genie, accidentally make Binoo’s beloved stuffed animal, Patchy-Patch, disappear. The trio immediately set out to find the fabulous land of “The Lost and Found” where Patchy-Patch is surely to be found. Along the way, the group meets twin seagulls looking for their father, and a magnificent Princess who has lost her dance partner. Together, and despite Toopy’s bumbling ways, they will try to find Patchy Patch and their lost loves.

Why it was Cancelled[]

  1. the reason was unknown why
  2. it was probably because they didn’t have time to released it due to production status not being finished yet!
  3. Echo Media didn’t have much focus on telling the information about the film status since Late 2021/2022


  • The final version was released in theatres on August 11, 2023
  • The 2022 version was cancelled for unknown reason




2021 poster

Toupie Et Binou Poster 2021-2022

French poster

2022 concept art

Possible concept art