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Thomas and the Magic Railroad 2 is a cancelled sequel to the 2000 film Thomas and the Magic Railroad, it was being worked on during production of said film.[1] It would have been the second theatrical film based on The Railway Series, which was adapted into Thomas & Friends.


The plot is currently unknown.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The first film grossed $19.7 million against a budget of $19 million, which made the film lose money.
  2. Many script re-writes were made during production of the first film, meaning that the team producing the sequel may have had a hard time keeping up with the new scripts and story alterations as the sequel was being worked on around the time of the first.
  3. P.T. Boomer was likely to still be in the script during its production and if so, it would have likely already been set in the story for its plot meaning that the audience would not know who he is and may have also been frightened by him. It is also the reason why he was cut from the film.
  4. It is currently unknown whether the live-action cast and voice cast from the first film would have returned to reprise their roles in the sequel.
  5. The first film received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics.


  • This sequel has been cancelled, and due to the failure of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, no other worldwide theatrical Thomas films have been released, though there are some other theatrical appearances of Thomas like the specials, some rail excursions and the 2015 film Ant-Man featured a memorable appearance of a Bachmann model of Thomas. While failure of the film, merchandise of the film was successful and thus leading Thomas and Friends’ sixth season.
  • Diesel 10 and Lady would appear in later future direct-to-DVD films such as Calling All Engines (Which was the only one that Lady appeared in), The Great Discovery, Misty Island Rescue, and Day of the Diesels. Diesel 10 would appear in one episode of the seventeenth series.
  • A book titled Diesel 10 Means Trouble was published in 2000 a few days after the release of the film and preserved some elements of the original plot of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • A second worldwide Thomas theatrical film called The Adventures of Thomas was planned by HiT Entertainment. However, it had the same fate as this film.
  • On the 20th anniversary Blu-Ray of the original film, Britt Allcroft revealed in an interview that she had considered making another movie with the series at the time.
  • In October 2020, Mattel films confirmed that another and new theatrical Thomas film was in development with Marc Forster directing the upcoming movie, which in 2022, according to Mattel's website, titled Thomas & Friends: The Movie.
  • Thomas And The Magic Railroad Is A Stand-Alone Film


  • This would have been Destination Films and Gullane Pictures' second feature film and Britt Allcroft's second film as writer and director.
  • This film would have possibly featured more of the television series' characters who were also absent from the first film like Edward the Blue Engine, Duck the Great Western Engine, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Diesel, BoCo, Mavis and possibly Daisy and the Skarloey Railway.