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The Upside Down Show

The Upside Down Movie is a cancelled special episode of The Upside Down Show. The script for the film was written by David Collins and Shane Dundas. It was planned to act as the proper series finale of The Upside Down Show.

Announcement for the came from the newspaper, The Australian in August 2008. In November of the same year, David Collins stated in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald that filming was to begin filming in the next year.

Nickelodeon Australia funded the development for a script. However, the script was not funded at all.


There is very little information about the plot of the film. However, it is known that the film was not supposed to follow the show's basic episode structure. In September 2008, a moderator for the website said, "Don't be surprised if the script isn't exactly like the format of the UDS....but hey, that doesn't mean we can't talk about what our favorite new places to visit would be...carry on!"

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The studio never got the money for the movie to be made.


  • A petition was started in order for the film to be made. However, there were not enough supporters for the film.
  • The current fate of the film is unknown.

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