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The Uncle Ruckus Movie is a cancelled live-action comedy film in 2013 based on the titular character from Adult Swim's animated sitcom The Boondocks created by Aaron McGruder.  

McGruder expressed interest in a live-action movie adaptation of The Boondocks but refused to allow real life children be cast as Huey and Riley since those two characters are violent and always angry although he did consider casting Jaden Smith as both Huey and Riley.  

Therefore, he settled on a movie that solely centers upon Uncle Ruckus. He started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the movie asking for $200,000, despite the fact he made millions off The Boondocks cartoon.  


The film revolves around the angry bigot Uncle Ruckus and the unseen part of his family. While an official and detailed plot proposal was not released by McGruder or Gary Anthony Williams, the film might have had something to do with white supremacy and racial segregation / genocide because those were the topics of all videos encouraging crowdfunding donations to the movie.  

Uncle Ruckus was to be the only regular character from the Boondocks cartoon to appear in the movie; the Freemans, the DuBois, the Wunclers would be absent.  

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Budget issues - the Kickstarter fundraiser for the film failed to meet its goal of $200,000. Although in reality, most movies that intend to be funded through fundraisers usually fail because the traditional method of a movie making money is to get funding from investors and then recoup its budget by making money at the box office.  
  2. Fans of The Boondocks weren't very eager about the movie because Huey and Riley were written out of it. They argued that Huey and Riley can be portrayed by live-action actors. McGruder did admit he considered casting Jaden Smith to play both Huey and Riley. This is a similar case to why Michael Caesar (an important character from the comic strip) didn't show up in the cartoon - McGruder decided no one could voice him as well as he desired.  
  3. Even so, many fans thought they had to choose between either a Season 4 for The Boondocks or a live-action movie about Uncle Ruckus, and those fans wanted the former. This was actually not the case, because Season 4 would have still happened even if the Uncle Ruckus movie were made.  


  1. The Boondocks earned a Season 4 one year after the fundraiser for the Uncle Ruckus film ended, but without the involvement of Aaron McGruder because McGruder couldn't reach an agreement with Adult Swim over the production schedule. It's unknown whether McGruder was fired or he voluntarily resigned from the cartoon, but news claiming both have surfaced.
  2. There would still be only one feature film based off of Adult Swim properties.


  • Gary Anthony Williams as Uncle Ruckus