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Note: Please do not add "The Three Stooges died" on here or any of the other Three Stooges film pages, because this film was written before their deaths.


The Three Stooges Meets Pinocchio was a proposed Three Stooges film from the 1960s. The film would have been part of The Three Stooges film series with Joe Derita as Curly Joe.


The film would have been a retelling of Pinocchio, featuring The Three Stooges.


  • The Three Stooges as Themselves
  • Jimmy Durante as Geppetto (planned)

Rest of the cast is unknown.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. There is little to no information on why the film was cancelled.


  • The film never came into fruition.


  • The film would have been the second Three Stooges film to be a adaptation of a classic story, after Snow White and The Three Stooges.