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In 1994, another animated film that was going to be directed by Bill Kroyer and produced by Kroyer Films for Warner Bros. Animation was in the works, this film was going to be based on The Snow Queen.


The plot would be the same as the story.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

After heated arguments between Kroyer and Warner Bros. and Kroyer being fired from directing Quest for Camelot, production for The Snow Queen, along with King Tut and Arrow (an animated film fully made by Kroyer Films and distributed by Warner Bros.), was forced to be shut down.


  • The Snow Queen moved over to Universal Pictures, but, sadly, that project was shelved as well.
  • Years later, Disney ended up making the 2013 film Frozen which was a box-office hit.
  • In 2013, Wizart Animation made The Snow Queen and Became a franchise.