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The Secret Of Monkey Island was going to be an animated film based on Lucasfilm's (formal owner) and Disney's (current owner) The Secret Of Monkey Island series, the film was first announced in 2011.


Lucasfilm didn’t publicly confirm the Monkey Island film’s existence until 2011. That was when the Monkey Island Special Edition Collection came out, containing storyboards of the film that the project lead for these games.

Craig Derrick, had located and cleared for release. The next few years, the team produced multiple scripts, as well as animatics and artwork from those who would later be involved with Monkey Island's film adaptation. But the story was cancelled before it ever made it to the screen, with the main problem being Universal's approval.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Steven Spielberg did not have the wanting to do the Monkey Island film unless the hero is a monkey.
  2. There were production and budget problems.


  • The Secret Of Monkey Island will likely remain as a video game.
  • The Secret Of Monkey Island film was permanently cancelled.
  • Lucasfilm decided to focus on Rango instead.





Concept art by Steve Purcell.