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Louis C. K to originally voice Max in the sequel.

Louis C. K on originally voicing Max in the sequel.

Louis C. K voiced Max in the first The Secret Life Of Pets (2016) film. He didn't reprise his role in the sequel because of many risky reasons.


The plot would be the same like the 2019 film, but with Lewis C.K.


Illumination Entertainment announced The Secret Life of Pets 2 in August 2016, which started off with a release date of July 13, 2018 and announcing that they'll try to get Louis C. K involved in the sequel. The film was pushed back to July 3, 2019, with Paramount's Wonder Park taking its old release date.

Why This Version Was Cancelled[]

  1. Louis C. K was kicked out of the cast after allegations of sexual harassment.
  2. Director of The Secret Life Of Pets, Chris Renaud, said that Patton Oswalt was the better fit for Max.


  • The Secret Life Of Pets 2 was released worldwide on June 7, 2019 without Louis C. K starring.
  • Louis C.K was replaced by Patton Oswalt in the sequel: The Secret Life Of Pets 2.
  • The Louis C. K version was permanently cancelled.