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The Little Prince was going to be a film adaptation of the novella of the same name. It was going to have 2d animation and live-action segments, with the former going to be animated. It was going to be developed by Orson Welles.


The plot would possibly have been the same as the novel.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The only reason why it was cancelled was due to the creative differences between Orson Welles and Walt Disney. Orson Welles invited Disney for a collaboration, which he reluctantly agreed due to Orson's reputation for being "difficult to work with". Orson Welles stated that during a discussion, Walt stormed off and stated that there was not enough room for 2 geniuses.


  • The film never got off the ground.
  • The Little Prince would get made in 2014, but with a different director and a different distributor (Paramount).