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The Little Blue Whale was a planned film that was to be directed by Don Bluth.


Described as an "underwater Bambi," the plot follows a blue whale calf who is left orphaned after his mother is killed by whalers. He eventually befriends a little girl who, along with some animal friends, dedicate themselves to protecting him from his mother's killers.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

The film became stalled when famed screenwriter Robert Towne (Shampoo, Chinatown) said he would have to write the final script. Towne would then spend several years working with Jack Nicholson on the Chinatown sequel, The Two Jakes, which went on and off again for several years. Finally, in the late eighties, Sullivan Bluth Studios dropped the idea and gave the project fully to Towne.


  • The film was permanently cancelled.