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Before Warner Bros bought the movie rights, Blur Studio was originally signed on with Lego to make a theatrical film based on the famous construction toys.


The plot would be the same as the 2014 film, but with a lot of changes.

The plot was revealed by artist Sean McNally: "This movie will focus on a LEGO man going out into the human world meeting all sorts of new adventures and getting into crazy situations."

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The only reason why this version was cancelled is that Warner Bros was not being satisfied with the original concept and decided to go a different way.


  • Warner Bros brought the movie from Blur Studio and made changes to the plot.
  • When the finalized version was complete, the film was a commercial and critical success at the box office and received positive reviews.
  • The Blur Studio version of The Lego Movie was permanently cancelled.
  • The Lego Movie remained as it is today.


  • This version was going to have Thomas The Tank Engine in it.
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