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Sequels to The Last Airbender were proposed follow-ups to the 2010 film The Last Airbender, which was going to have a possible release in 2011 & 2012.


  • Noah Ringer as Aang
  • Dev Patel as Prince Zuko
  • Nicola Peltz as Katara
  • Jackson Rathbone as Sokka
  • Shaun Toub as Uncle Iroh
  • Cliff Curtis as Fire Lord Ozai
  • Summer Bishil as Princess Azula


The movie's plots remains unknown, though it would have presumably been based upon the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, "Book 2 - Earth".

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The first film was universally panned by critics, fans and audiences.
  2. Box office results were poor.
  3. The film was boycotted for being whitewashed.
  4. Noah Ringer retired in 2011 after portraying Emmett Taggart in Cowboys & Aliens.


  • The films were permanently cancelled and the first film is stand-alone.
  • Nickelodeon would only release two critically acclaimed films in 2011: Rango and The Adventures of Tintin & in 2012: Fun Size.
  • The series would later be rebooted as a live-action Netflix series, with co-creators Michael Dante DeMartino and Bryan Konietzko being involved as executive producers and showrunners and filming began in February 2020, However, Michael and Bryan later left the show over creative differences in August 2020. It is slated for release in 2024.
  • In February 2021, it was announced that a theatrical CGI-animated film will be released by Nickelodeon & Paramount Pictures. It will serve as the first project from the newly-developed Avatar Studios Called Aang: The Last Airbender It is set to be released theatrically on January 20, 2026.


  • Presumably, the film would’ve ended with Aang and Katara kissing at sunset, the ending of the final episode of the originals series.



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