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Please do not say, "Judith Barsi died before the draft was changed", because this happened before her death.

Before The Land Before Time was released, the plot has had some earlier concepts before the final cut.


Similar to the original classic 1988 film of the same name, but included some different elements (mostly prepared by Judy Freudberg and Tony Geiss):

  • The film would have not included any dialogue.
  • Some scenes included intense violence which was considered too disturbing for young children.
  • One idea involved with the young dinosaurs searching for a wise, old dinosaur, but that idea would be scrapped for a different concept involving discrimination between the different species.

Why it was Cancelled[]

  1. Since the film originally did not involve dialogue, the filmmakers decided to hire voice actors so that the film could appeal more to younger audiences.
  2. The writers thought that the earlier drafts were too juvenile and not so appealing for the overall plot.
  3. Some scenes with violence such as the climatic scene involving the antagonist Sharptooth, were toned down so that it would not be as disturbing or horrifying for younger children.


  • The original drafts for The Land Before Time were scrapped in favor of newer drafts that would work for the film.
  • The final cut for The Land Before Time was be released in 1988 and became a critical and financial success in both theaters and home video.


  • Despite being alive during production, one of the actors, Judith Barsi(along with her mother, Maria Barsi), died from a homicide incident in July 25, 1988 and did not live during the film's release in November 18, 1988.
    • This would have been one of her last roles in film along with another one of Don Bluth's films, All Dogs go to Heaven.