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This was one of the first versions of The Flash Film we know, In 2014, it was announced that Ezra Miller has been cast as Barry Allen/The Flash and that he will appear in many upcoming DCEU projects and one of them was a solo Flash film titled as The Flash in June 2016 director of Dope Rick Famuyiwa will direct the film only to left the project on the 31st of October over creative differences.


Not much is known about the history of the film, however rumors said that in this film The Flash would face the Rogues in this film and that the main villain would be Captain Cold and Golden Glider, Cyborg would also have an major role in the history.


  • Ezra Miller As Barry Allen/The Flash
  • Kiersey Clemons As Iris West
  • Billy Crudup As Henry Allen
  • N/A As Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
  • N/A As Lisa Snart/ Golden Glider
  • Ray Fisher As Cyborg/Victor Stone

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Director had Creative Differences with the studio, so he left the project.
  2. Justice League flopped at box office.


  • The Rick Famuyiwa Flash film was permanently cancelled.
  • Andy Muschietti directed 2023's The Flash.
  • The Flash is now going to reboot the whole DCEU universe into The DCU.