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The Eddsworld Fan Movie is a cancelled film adaptation of the popular Web Series "Eddsworld". The project was originally started by Marc Lovallo. It also received support from fans of Eddsworld, and even official crew members of eddsworld such as Matt Hargreaves, Thomas Ridgewell, Eddie Bowley.

Originally the film was first planned to be released in 2014 for the series' 10th anniversary. Only to be pushed back several times.

Eventually in 2020, the film was cancelled after seven years of work.


After a space vessel is launched by an American space center, Commander Bai and his crew crash landed at the Corner of Dirdum Lane. General McCoy takes advantage and threatens to kill the aliens or else he will start a war with the aliens and now it is up to Edd and his crew to stop the alien invasion. [1]

Why It Was Cancelled[]

Reasons for the Fan Film's cancellation include:

  1. It taking too long in production
  2. Lack of a proper story to follow on
  3. Director Marc Lovallo stepping down and being replaced by Jon Lopez, who would also later step-down and be replaced by Piptoons.
  4. Marc being exposed on Tiktok for Grooming minors in a Fetishistic roleplay prior to the announcement of the films cancellation.
  5. Pip also being exposed as well for other types of grooming.

The Result[]

  • An animatic of Marc's cut of the film was leaked by a member of the crew during his exposing, where it received mixed to negative reviews due to its overuse of references and several gay and homophobic jokes.
  • A Google drive folder of all the production pieces was released publicly by the Films co-director Colin.
  • An attempted reconstruction of Pip's cut of the film using clips from the drive folder and the leaked marc cut was released on youtube.



The Eddsworld Fan Movie (Animatic) (Original)