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would have been an adaptation of a 1948 novel by David Duncan about a disaffected Communist agitator who, on the run from the police, is forced to adopt the identity of a murder suspect. The story would be adapted to take place in Mexico and San Francisco.

The project was originally to come after I Confess (1953) as a Transatlantic Pictures production to be released by Warner Bros.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. It had a high budget which made it difficult.
  2. Hitchcock did not feel that any of the scripts lifted the movie beyond an ordinary chase story, and Warner Brothers allowed him to kill the project and move on to Dial M for Murder (1954).


  • Eventually, in 1960, The Bramble Bush was finally made, starring Richard Burton and Barbara Rush, and released by Warner Bros. But, it was based on a Charles Mergendahl novel, and had no relation to Duncan's book.