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Sweet Baby Jesus is a Christmas movie starring Bette Midler and Pixie Lott. Production was shut down on the first day of filming. It was directed by Peter Hewitt.

The film follows a pregnant girl named Mary who goes back to Bethlehem Maryland at Christmas time, Her older boy friend Joe is not the father of the child. Soon, rumors swirl that the birth is the second coming of Jesus.

The ensemble comedy revisits the story of the Nativity set in 1970s Bethlehem, Maryland. The story unfolds as hippies Mary and Joe travel to a chicken farming town for the holidays. Mary announces she's pregnant but doesn't know who the father is. When the town's inn is fully booked, they stay at a local bed & breakfast and spur local speculation that their visit is a sign of the Second Coming.

Why it was Cancelled[]

  • There are concerns that the film would have faced backlash from religious communities.