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Superman V was a planned sequel to Superman IV: The Quest For Peace and was to be distributed by Warner Brothers and co-distributed by Cannon Films. It was scheduled for a 1989 release.[1] The film was going to be directed by Albert Pyun.


Most of the plot is unknown. It would likely involve Superman fight off what the planned version of Nuclear Man was going to be like in the preceding film.

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace flopped at the box office and was panned by critics, audiences and fans.
  2. The screenplay was never written.
  3. Christopher Reeve and the rest of the cast all refused to work on another Superman film after working on Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.
  4. Warner Bros. didn't want to get into another budget dispute with Cannon Pictures.
  5. Following a string of other failures, Cannon Films was losing money and went out of business in 1994.
  6. Warner Bros. did not want Cannon Films to get the rights of the Superman property if it were rebooted or got a new sequel. However, that never happened since Cannon went out of business.


  • There are four Superman films in the original franchise.
  • Superman V was permanently cancelled.
  • The Superman series was rebooted in 2006 with Superman Returns.
  • The Donnerverse incarnation of Superman along with the 1984 film incarnation of his cousin Supergirl later made cameos in the 2023 film "The Flash".