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Spongebob Squarepants (Horror GCMM's Original Version)
Genre: Horror Slasher
Release Date: 2022
Photography: Color
Running Time: Unknown
Country: Untited States
Based on: SpongeBob SquarePants created by Stephen Hillenburg
Directed by Titus Nunley (Me)
Distributed by Gacha Club
Prequel: None
Sequel: Spongebob Squarepants 2 (Horror GCMM)

Spongebob Squarepants is a horror slasher Gacha Club mini movie 2022 and directed by Titus Nunley (Me). I heard about Winnie the Pooh turned on a horror film


Spongebob Squarepants is half-human, half-sponge creature serial killer, who got revenge on his old friend, Sandy because she abandoned him and Patrick

Patrick is half-human, half-starfish serial killer, the friend of Spongebob

Sandy Cheeks (Human) is the old friend of Spongebob and Patrick. Who was work to a scuba diving and met her new friends, Spongebob and Patrick in the underwater, but her manager fired her, and she can't see her friends again. She became adult and who worked a police officer.

Wendy is a ginger teenage girl, who graduated high school and who went to a summer house with her friends, Charlie, Kevin, Tim, and Katherine, survived from sea creature killers.

Charlie is a teenage girl with a brown hair, when the lights turned off and she went to the basement to fixing the generator. Patrick threw her on a generator, and she died by generator shocked.

Kevin is a teenage boy with a black hair like emo, he and his friends discovered Katherine died and they friends tried to escape, but not. Kevin went to a wood boat after Patrick chased him and he drowned by Patrick in the lake.

Tim is a silly teenage boy with a cool blonde hair and hates school, he and his friends tried to escape after saw Katherine died, Spongebob followed him, and Wendy and his leg cut off by Spongebob's axe. Survived in the sequel film.

Katherine is a blonde teenage girl and always do her phone, she went to bed to sleep and Spongebob went inside this and was laughing, and Katherine thought it was Tim. Spongebob cut off her head with an axe after waking up.

Sofia is a blonde teenage girl and who was first survived from killers, Wendy helped her after Wendy went to cave.

Max is a bearded trucker with a brown hair, buy a chocolate bar from a gas station and a log blocked road. Spongebob stole his axe and Max killed by Spongebob with an axe.

Mason is a male police officer and partner of Sandy, and they tried to be searching to Max was missing and found Wendy and Sofia in the cave. Mason killed by Spongebob with an axe.