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Spider-Man 3: The Sam Raimi Cut, or Spider-Man 3.1, is the unreleased director's cut of Spider-Man 3, separate from the earliest script of the film by director Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan, which featured the Vulture and the Sandman as the villains, whereas the later and finalized film featured Venom instead.


The film would be relatively similar to the finalized theatrical cut, with many notable differences. The symbiote black suit was originally to hearken closer to the solid black appearance from the comics and cartoons, as black latex with the different spider emblem and eyes, but Raimi felt it looked too much like a BDSM-gimp suit and instead used a black webbed version of the film's iconic design. More scenes of Peter's experiences with the symbiote and realizing it's corrupting him would be shown, namely of a scene of him using it repeatedly throughout one day and hearing it speak to him through the case he keeps it in, culminating in seeing a monstrous version of himself in the mirror to indicate it's increasing hold and control of him.

Sandman's arc would be more delved into, with him strong arming a geneticist, Dr. Phil Wallace, into developing a cure for his ill daughter Penny's disease, and Eddie Brock simply offering ransom to provide funds for it in exchange for Marko's help in killing Spider-Man. Sandman would also disguise himself as a sand castle in a park sandbox to visit with his daughter prior to this, and halfway through the final battle, Dr. Wallace would arrive with Flint's wife and daughter, telling him that Penny's disease is incurable, with Penny pleading with her father to abandon villainy so when she dies, she could be at peace knowing he was a good man. It's because of this that Sandman makes amends with Spider-Man and abandons Venom to fight the hero alone.

Eddie Brock's crush on Gwen Stacy would've been more fleshed out, with him constantly coming to her front door to go out on a date, only for her to reject him over his false defamation of Spider-Man, with Peter asking her out later, further demonstrating his hatred against Peter and Spider-Man. This would culminate with Venom kidnapping Gwen after partnering up with Sandman to lure Spider-Man to the construction site the final battle takes place on. As a result of this, Mary Jane Watson would come to Harry Osborn to persuade him to aid Peter against Venom and Sandman, explaining that despite all their mistakes they should all forgive each other lest their past friendships mean nothing, with Harry's butler Bernard instead being a hallucination who's telling Harry the truth represents what Harry already subconsciously knew and being able to forgive Peter and help him.

Venom's death would've also been vastly different, with it turning out that symbiote didn't just bond with Eddie, but actually devoured his flesh and mind over the course of the final act, with Peter impaling him with a makeshift spear only for the gooey alien to slough off Brock's malformed skeleton and violently ensnare Spider-Man, attempting to rebond to him, or if not, kill him and eat him as well. As Peter is painfully torn at by the symbiote, he notices a load of rebar and metallic pipes hanging from a cable overhead. Webbing it and pulling it down on top of the alien, the intense noise causes it immense pain and slowly cause it to shrivel and ultimately die.

One more scene would further explore Dr. Connors, who while examining the sample of the symbiote Peter had brought him, would also be researching reptilian genetics and jotting down compound notes on a chalkboard, specifically the chemistry and proteins and sequences related to cellular and limp regeneration, as an indication he was developing a serum that would give way to him transforming into the Lizard in a future film.

Reasons it was cancelled[]

  • Sam Raimi and Avi Arad both being dissatisfied with many of these scenes.