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Spider-Man The Movie (1985) (Original Poster)

Spider-Man: The Movie is a proposed superhero horror-thriller film that would served as a loose adaptation of the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man and it was schedule to release somewhere during 1985. This movie also shared more in common with horror films like David Cronenberg’s The Fly and George Waggner’s The Wolfman.


According to the cancelled script, the movie would of course center on Peter Parker. Instead of being fifteen, Parker was depicted as being 10 years older.

The young photographer ended up being turned into a spider-hybrid monster by Doctor Zork, a mad scientist who was performing experiments to build a “race of mutants.” After Parker’s transformation, Zork would attempt to convince him to be “the leader” of his other creations, but the spider-human hybrid would ultimately reject this role and engage in gory fights to the death against Zork’s mutants.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  • This version of the story did not sit well with Spider-Man’s late co-creator, Stan Lee, however, and when this treatment was presented to him, he persuaded the studio not to move forward with the project due to Cannon Films misunderstanding Spider-Man as a body-horror mutant creature instead of an epic action-packed superhero since they weren't that familiar with the concept of Marvel.

Cast and Crew[]

  • Tom Cruise (The Outsiders, Risky Buisness) as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Poltergeist) as the film’s director
  • Leslie Stevens (The Outer Limits) penning a film treatment


  • After finding out due to Stan Lee that Spider-Man was a superhero character and not a Spider-Hybrid, Canon Films would fired Hooper and the rest of production as well as the script. And instead this version was permanently cancelled just after finishing pre-production.
  • Deciding to recreated the movie from scratch, but this time be more close to the original vision created by the late-Stan Lee, Canon Films hire Ted Newsom and John Brancato to come up with a pitch of a new script for a new version of the film. Unfortunately the new "comic-accurate version" of the film was also cancelled in the fall of 1987 due to Canon Films releasing two other superhero movies that flopped, which ruined Spider-Man’s budget.
  • A horror film about Spider Man, or The Spider, was released in 2024 on the cancelled project’s 40th anniversary as a fan short film on YouTube, created by Andy Chen, in which Peter Parker did not gain superhuman powers, but became a mutant hybrid.