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The original version of Spider-Man: No Way Home was originally supposed to be much longer and darker-toned, clocking in at least four hours and included more scenes related to the counterparts of the previous Spider-Man films to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after the previous draft Spider-Man: Home Run was disregarded in favor of a larger story involving the multiverse and previous alternate villains. It would've also come after Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness rather than before it, making it a sequel.


Following Peter's identity as Spider-Man being revealed to the world by Mysterio and J. Jonah Jameson, and being arrested for alleged mass murder and terrorism Mysterio had framed him for, Peter and his friends and family would seek help from Matt Murdock, Pepper Potts and her daughter Morgan Stark, and Happy Hogan to help get the charges against him dropped. Following his emancipation, Peter's attempts to reintegrate back into civilian life would be longer, with his friends on the decathlon team asking him to do wall-crawling and web swinging stunts in gym and his teachers admonishing him for putting his life in constant danger, as well as stopping a bike robbery only to be attacked by a believer of Mysterio's lies, splashing green paint on his newer standard suit, leading to him using his nanite Iron-Spider Suit. Betty Brant would also gain a job at Jameson's alt-news podcast The Daily Bugle.

After approaching Doctor Strange to help him by casting a spell to erase the world's knowledge of his secret identity en masse goes arwy, Doctor Strange's animosity towards Peter for his ignorance of the consequences is a lot harsher, with him flat out attacking Peter multiple times before kicking him out. Their circumstantial rivalry of the dimensional merging was to take up a bigger chunk.

Following the arrival of the villains from the previous films in the MCU's dimension, MCU-Spidey's battle against Raimiverse-Doctor Octopus and Raimiverse-Green Goblin on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge would be much longer and more consequentially devastating, with Ock and Goblin actually teaming up against the hero and their constant attacks would soon demolish and collapse the bridge, with rubble derailing a freight train below and several people being killed as a result, with Spider-Man desperately trying to prevent more causalities by webbing a large net to catch a huge section of rubble from crushing a helpless crowd on a lower section of the bridge network before Doctor Strange's intervention. MCU-Spider-Man's fight with Webbverse-Electro in a powergrid would've been longer as well, with Electro fully reconstructing himself in his original luminescent blue energy being form and black containment suit before absorbing more electricity reverted him back to human form, and afterwards MCU-Spider-Man would also confront and engage a short fight against Webbverse-Lizard in a subway tunnel before both villains were imprisoned by Doctor Strange in the Seals of Vishanti. Raimiverse-Sandman would also still be able to retain human form, now wearing a brown vest over his striped green shirt. Sometime near the final act, Webbverse-Rhino would be amonsgt the villains who'd bled over to the MCU's reality.

America Chavez was at first considered another ally for Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, being responsible for bringing both the Raimiverse and Webbverse Peter Parkers to the MCU's dimension, but would be neutralized by Sandman and Electro before the final battle. As space-time would start deteriorating faster, both the Raimiverse and Webbverse versions of Aunt May and Mary Jane, alongside a still alive version of Webbverse-Gwen Stacy would begin bleeding into the MCU's reality. MCU-Aunt May would also die from her injuries courtesy of Raimiverse-Green Goblin in an ambulance rather than Happy Hogan's condo.

Raimiverse-Green Goblin's convincing the other displaced villains to reject being cured and embrace their villainy would come full circle as actually forming and leading approximation of the Sinister Syndicate, leading them into battle against the three Spider-Men at the , with Raimiverse-Doc Ock following them into battle to more easily turn on them. Shortly thereafter, MCU-Daredevil and Sonyverse-Venom, who'd also been brought over across dimensions, would come to aid the three Spider-Men in the battle, albeit Venom's journey to the battleground being delayed by getting hit by a train in the Lincoln Tunnel. After Raimiverse-Green Goblin detonates the spellbox containing the failed reality-warping spell with a pumpkin bomb and several purple crack-like rifts forming in the sky, several figures begin forming in the ether of the rifts, being other villains from alternate dimensions. One of them makes it all the way through, revealed as an alternate Mysterio who is actually arcane-imbued, who engaged with MCU-Doctor Strange in a duel with their magic. Meanwhile, Raimiverse-Spider-Man and Raimiverse-Goblin would engage in a brief rematch flying around aboard the latter's glider before he throws a Razorbat at Michelle, catching her in the shoulder and causing her to fall, with MCU-Spidey unable to save her due to the Goblin's interference, leading to both Webbverse and Raimiverse Spider-Men to save her instead.