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Something's Got to Give is a name of an unfinished romantic comedy film, which was supposed to be a remake of My Favorite Wife (1940) that was shot in 1962 and was planned to be released around December 1962, directed by George Cukor for 20th Century Fox and starring Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin and Cyd Charisse.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The film suffered a massive trouble production during the filming of the movie, as Marilyn Monroe was fired on June 8, 1962, before she was eventually re-hired, just a couple of days before her death.
  2. Marilyn Monroe suffered illness during the production to the point she died on August 4, 1962 during the production due to an overdose of barbiturates at her Los Angeles home.


  • Something's Got to Give is effectivly cancelled as a result of Marilyn Monroe's death and the film was never completed, and the film only lasts about 37 minutes due to the film being unfinished.
  • The film was replaced with Move Over, Darling and it was largely re-casted, and some of the materials from the unfinished film were used in this film as well.



  • The decision to fire Monroe was influenced by the progress of Fox's epic film Cleopatra (1963), also in production that summer and far over its budget.
  • Marilyn Monroe would've been the first mainstream star shown topless in a Hollywood motion picture release of the sound era if she didn't died during the production and the film been completed and released as planned.