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In 2017, director Jay Karales reached an agreement to adapt the George V. Higgins Boston crime anthology The Sins of the Fathers, published in 1988.


The film would have featured a series of character vignettes based around those in the Higgins anthology of the same name.


  • Jacob A. Miller as N/A
  • Kinson Theodoris as N/A
  • Speed as N/A
  • Shannon Briggs as N/A
  • Austin Wright as N/A

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Karales initially sought to adapt the Higgins novel The Digger's Game but the Higgins estate felt the available production budget was too low to warrant an adaptation.
  2. The source material was ultimately considered too limited without creating an entirely new story.


  • The Karales version of The Sins of the Fathers film was abandoned.
  • Jay Karales focused his interests on the true crime cases surrounding Boston's disappearing men and the Charles River, resulting in the film Mass State Lottery in 2022.