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The original design of Shrek.

In the mid-to-late 1990s, DreamWorks Pictures planned on making a film adaptation of William Steig's Shrek book with Chris Farley voice providing the titular character.


The plot was similar to that of the 2001 film, but with notable differences.

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. Chris Farley died before the production was completed.
  2. Mike Myers didn't want to do someone else's version, so he asked for the script to be rewritten and that's where the final version of Shrek was formed.
  3. Shrek's appearance was changed because it was considered too creepy for young children.
  4. Steve Martin, donkey’s original voice actor, has since left his recordings behind.
  5. The film was originally supposed to be produced by Amblimation, but after the studio closed it’s doors in 1997, the production was moved to DreamWorks Animation in 1998.
  6. The film was originally supposed to be 2D, but after whims of DreamWorks executives resulted in the plan to have it 3D animated film instead.


  • The Chris Farley version was permanently cancelled.
  • After Chris Farley died, he was replaced with Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz replaced Janeane Garofalo as the voice provider of Princess Fiona out of respect of Farley's death and her relationship with Farley.
  • DreamWorks released Shrek in 2001 with Mike Myers as the voice of the title character.
  • In 2015, Chris Farley's voice recordings have resurfaced.




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