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Shark Tale 2 is a cancelled sequel to the 2004 film Shark Tale, it was in development for just a few months before cancellation, it was removed from it's original release schedule.

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. From April 2011, DreamWorks Animation's CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg commented that the studio did not have plans to produce future movie genre parodies like Shark Tale, Monsters vs. Aliens and Megamind, saying that these films "all shared an approach and tone and idea of parody, and did not travel well internationally. We don't have anything like that on our schedule now."
  2. The first movie received negative reception due to its lousy character designs and out of place lip-syncing.
  3. The scene where the police shot the fish 16 times on the back, was given hate and the production of Shark Tale 2 had to be shut down immediately.


  • Shark Tale is a stand alone film.
  • Shark Tale's sequel was permanently cancelled.