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Note: Please do not add "Wes Craven died on August 2, 2015", because this was before he died.

Prior to the release of Scream 4, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson both stated that its success would lead to a fifth and sixth film. Williamson stated in January 2010 that he was contracted to write a fifth film in addition to the fourth one. Following the under-performance of the film at the box office, as well as the death of Craven in 2015, doubts were cast on the possibility of future films.

In 2015, VH1 & MTV began airing an anthology television series spin-off of the franchise, although none of the cast or crew from the films were involved. Although star Neve Campbell has expressed doubts over any more installments, David Arquette voiced his desire to have a fifth film to pay homage to Craven.

In June 2015, Bob Weinstein, when asked about the possibility of a film continuation after Scream 4, denied the possibility of a fifth installment or any further continuation of the film franchise, citing the MTV series as the right place for the franchise.

However, in early 2019, it was reported that Blumhouse Productions, which specializes in horror-themed films and produced a direct sequel of the Halloween film in 2018, was interested in reviving the series, and that head of studio Jason Blum was working on making such Scream installments happen. Rumors arose later in the year that Blumhouse was rebooting the franchise, though Blumhouse later said they were not, but the rumors continued, indicating that another studio was involved.


The plot is currently unknown.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The cancellation is unknown.


  • The film was permanently cancelled.
  • Eventually, the fifth installment of the franchise was released by Spyglass Media Group, Project X Entertainment, & Radio Silence Productions while being distributed by Paramount Pictures.