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Schindler's Horse was going to be a animated drama adventure film by DreamWorks Animation that would've been released in the early 2000's in DreamWorks' famous 2D era. It was supposed to be directed by Robert Redford.


A mustang horse descending through the stages of horse hell, continually escaping and being recaptured, each time ending up somewhere worse. The human world was to be a disorienting nightmare for the wild horse, culminating him into trouble, and he would eventually end up in a cruel and dark mine, sentenced to work until he died, without ever seeing the light of day again. One last escape would land him in the middle of a forest fire, where a frontiersman would help him -- the first human to treat him with kindness, and the first human to be allowed on his back.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Ultimately the story was judged to be simply too painful to watch; often compared to Black Beauty, as the original version of the film would have been as dark and heartrending as "Schindler's List.", what the film was named after.


  • A similar DreamWorks 2D film called Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was released on May 24, 2002. It appeared to be the early version of this film, and was dumbed down as more kid-friendly and less intense, while still including several real-life horse aspects of life.
  • Schindler's Horse was permanently cancelled.
  • This film remains as it is today.


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