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Savage Seas would of been a early concept name for Disney’s 2016 film Zootopia. It were to be directed by Byron Howard. And it would of been a film that came with 3 other films that were planned, those were The Island Of Dr. Meow, Pug The Bounty Hunter, and The Three Mouseketeers.

There would of also been 4 sequels for this film: Savage City, Savage Earth, Savage Land, and Savage Times.


A sunglasses and tuxedo rabbit called Jack Savage, shares his unfortunate oceanic journey to the Savage Seas.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The filmmakers were unimpressed with the story.
  2. John Lasseter told the writers to make the animal’s characteristics unique.
  3. The director thought the story was too dark and rabid to be a PG film.
  4. The name “Jack Savage” was already used for another cancelled Disney film, Gigantic.
  5. Concept artist Nick Orsi liked the idea of a "fox-and-bunny" frenemies relationship more that a kick-butting adventure though wild waves.
  6. James Bond was took out during production, and was removed for Rich Moore.
  7. According to Rich Moore, they wanted Nick and Judy to stay in the city where they are, so they both don’t feel like outcasts.
  8. Both directors did not like concepts for the main characters being spies, they changed the action to police officers.
  9. The script for the original film was "crudely animated" according to screenwriter Jared Bush.
  10. A 1963 film called Savage Sam, which is a sequel to the 1957 film Old Yeller, was considered too similar to Jack Savage's name.


  • The original version of Zootopia was permanently cancelled.
  • Zootopia finally released worldwide on March 4, 2016 to critical praise and excellent reviews.
  • Disney announced a spin-off series titled “Zootopia+“ and was released on Disney+ in November 2022.
  • A fan made film series of Zootopia called Return To Zootopia was released in 2016, the same year the following Zootopia was released.
  • Zootopia remains as it is today.
  • Disney's Zootopia having grossed all of $280,000 over the weekend. The Oscar-winning feature now boasts a lifetime domestic total of around $341.5 million.


  • Zootopia was first announced on August 9th at the 2013 D23 Expo.
  • The director told the audiences that “Zootopia” was a play on the word “Utopia” as to imagine everything about the city was great.
  • The shock collar deleted scene were to be used in Savage Seas.
  • According to Byron Howard, Jack Savage's name was used for an earlier version of Nick Wilde.