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During the development of "Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken", in one of the film's first storyboards, it was revealed that the plot was going to be slightly different than the original.


The plot was almost identical to the original, however, there would be many changes.

It was originally planned that Chelsea Van Der Zee was actually going to be Nerissa's daughter (Nerissa would still be there), causing the following changes below.

After Ruby recovered the Trident, Chelsea would forcibly take her away from her, revealing her revenge against the Krakens for killing her mother, so she knocks out Ruby with the Trident and leaves.

Later, like the original film, but changed in order, Agatha Gillman returns to the Kraken's lair to warn Grandmamah of the danger that Ruby is in by befriending Chelsea, unlike the original scene, Grandmamah does believe that Nerissa had a daughter, who it would possibly wreak havoc in the future, so she decides to help Agatha.

Later in another part of the ocean, Chelsea founds and moves a huge stone with the trident, where is revelaled as a mermaid's lair (where various mermaids also live), then she announces to all the mermaid people about the Trident and the plan to revive Nerissa, making all the mermaids to celebrate, later, Chelsea enters to a place where the deceased Nerissa is, so Chelsea uses the power of the Trident and achieves to revive his mother.

With Nerissa back to life, she thanks her daughter and then declares she along with her entire mermaids reign her revenge against the Krakens, however, Nerissa then discards Chelsea due to considering her someone quite weak, leaving her sad while Nerissa leaves along with all the mermaids, ready to resume the war against the Krakens, first causing trouble on an island to call their attention.

Like the original scene, Nerissa emerges from the ocean of Oceanside, but this time accompanied by all the mermaids, which wreak havoc on the island, however, at that moment Agatha and Grandmamah arrive, to fight like the last time.

Later, as in the original film, Uncle Brill finds Ruby exhausted while she is trapped between the stones, but he decides to encourage his niece not to give up, therefore, Ruby returns to the action and tries to do everything possible to stop Chelsea (who unknowingly revived her mother, but then she was abandoned).

However, halfway there, Chelsea arrives infront of Ruby, just to try to apologize and help her, but Ruby already knowing that she betrayed her, she tries to attack Chelsea, at the point that she gets grabbed by Ruby, Chelsea first tells Ruby that she's regretting her actions and she tells everything that happened, Ruby first denies to believe Chelsea, but later Chelsea starts to cry, pleading Ruby to give her one last chance, repeating the same problems she regrets and warning Ruby that his home is in danger because of his mother.

After that, Ruby finally accepts Chelsea's apologie, and then Chelsea hugs Ruby, but later Ruby says that there's no time for happy moments, since they still need to save Oceanside from Nerissa, after that, Chelsea finally teams-up with Ruby and they approach to Oceanside.

Agatha and Grandmamah are injured during the fight, while Nerissa prepares to kill them, Ruby and Chelsea arrive at time to fight Nerissa one last time (the fight is almost identical to the original, but Chelsea also helps Ruby in the fight, despite the complications due to the mermaid army)

At the end, Ruby, Agatha and Grandmamah destroy the Trident together, so Nerissa is defeated and becomes half-human and half-mermaid, finally being captured by Gordon Lighthouse (Nerissa's defeat also causes all the mermaid army to cowardly escape away from Oceanside).

As in the original film, Grandmamah jokes about eating Nerissa, but this time, Chelsea stops her, so then she asks Ruby to get closer and talk to her now-locked-up mother, after that, Chelsea tells Nerissa that she is a terrible mother and disappointed in her heinous actions, leaving Nerissa sad.

Afterwards, Agatha reminds Ruby that she still has time for the last song of the prom, Ruby agrees to go but this time wanting to be accompanied by Chelsea, so Ruby and Chelsea arrive at the prom wearing elegant dresses (like in the original movie, but also with Chelsea) being applauded for their heroic actions. (The scene when Ruby asks Connor to dance with her and then he agrees using math to then dance is still the same, but Chelsea also joins Ruby now as the best friends they are).

In the end, Ruby now in a relationship with Connor and accompanied by Chelsea, they go to school together (where the same school now sees Ruby and Chelsea as a symbol of Oceanside's salvation), however, halfway there, Uncle Brill warns Ruby and Chelsea about a dangerous creature approaching the Kraken's lair, so Ruby and Chelsea head to the ocean, but before that, just like the original movie, Ruby kisses Connor and now, Ruby and Chelsea head on their first mission together, ending this version of the film.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. For now, the reasons why this version was changed are currently unknown.


  • The first version of the storyboard was completly changed, being replaced by the current versión where Chelsea is Nerissa herself.