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Roger Rabbit II: The Toon Platoon, was a cancelled prequel to the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It would have been a direct-to-video musical film. [1]


The first draft of the script was completed on May 22, 1989. It is unknown if there was a later draft.[1]

It has been recently discovered that there is a second draft, dated October 30, 1990. The title has been revised to Roger Rabbit II: Who Discovered Roger Rabbit. Nat Mauldin, Tony Sheehan, and Jeff Stein are all listed as writers.


Set in 1941, it would have had Roger expose the manager of the radio station that Jessica works at as a Nazi spy

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Steven Spielberg objected to the film's portrayal of Nazis and refused to take part in the project.
  2. Disney lost the licenses to Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera due to the formation of Time Warner at the time.



1998 Roger Rabbit 2 CGI Test -Eric Goldberg-


  • Disney made more Roger Rabbit shorts that were shown on home media platforms such as VHS and DVD.