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Movies 4 of the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Saga were planned, but last cancelled for Sequels. The film was to be creator by Seth Green (the writer and creator of the Camp WWE).



The plot is currently unknown.


The cast is unknown.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The cancellation reasons are unknown
  2. The Robot Chicken: Star Wars line started in 2007 plan and was a back sensation due to its collectability and storyline. In . In 2008, the first movie, Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II.The line continued has no bad to enjoy great success, releasing a second movie in Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III, showing the story described above. But, the television specials and the last month slightly changed plot. However, the next beginning strange story, projectless at destined to last longer.


  • Robot Chicken: Star Wars ended up being a tetralogy.